Regional Trainers


Jackie Ellis

With the kind of know-how that comes from 21 years of successfully selling real estate, Jackie can handle the most complicated real estate transactions. She is the one who negotiates all offers and combined with her insight into the Boynton Beach/Lake Worth community, Jackie has become a local expert at putting together smooth, trouble-free transactions…and lots of them!

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Carl Rizzuto

Carl Rizzuto has been a Realtor in excess of 30 years starting out in 1979.  Facing high interest rates in the Jimmy Carter years, his first year as a brand new agent, including the challenge of 17% to 20% interest rates Carl quickly learned to be extremely aggressive and to work within the market by doing owner financing transactions, lender buy downs and more and sold 65+ homes his first year in the real estate business.

Carl has been working actively and aggressively since starting as a Realtor with a strong focus on securing listings and getting them sold.  Although he works with a limited number of buyers, most actions within his practice revolve around the listing side of the business.

Carl has mastered NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), objection handling and learning how to connect with people…as well as systems and programs to secure most of the listings from the appointments he attends.  He is a strong believer in the pre-qualification of a lead…before attending the appointment (without eliminating a lead that should not be eliminated) and built his business with a primary focus on securing listings which were expired, from securing FSBO leads, from a strong past client and adopted client follow up system and secondarily from geographical farming and the internet.

Carl is a strong believer in building skills and strengths and is a firm believer in role play.  He attributes a good part of his success to having a coach and having blind faith (doing what the coach says) as well as consistent role play; as an example…Carl role played with other Realtors 4 to 5 days a week  (7:30 each morning) in excess of 10 years in order to completely strengthen his skills.

After 28 years as an active agent , over the last two years Carl has been investing more time coaching agents throughout the United States and Canada and truly enjoys working with other Realtors and assisting them in the building of his business and getting them to the next step within their business.  A good amount of Carl’s time now has been focused on coaching; Carl coaches approximately 35 to 40 agents throughout the United States and Canada,  has also delivered training content on a variety of topics for that company (on company Skill Building and Business Building Conference calls) and has recorded a long list of audios for the firm on the various aspects of the real estate sales business.

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