Franchise Information

Can we expect to see an explosion in numbers in the Keller Williams® organization in the near future? Not according to Gary Keller’s projections. Unlike many other International franchises where the “office on every corner” concept seems to prevail, Keller Williams awards franchises. We are designed to create highly profitable offices with unlimited growth potential. We want the best agents, who are learning based and strive for excellence. 92 percent of our offices are making a profit in 2011.

The success of the Keller Williams® Realty model does not depend on saturating the nation’s markets with multiple franchises. Keller Williams® is focused on long term profits for its brokers, not royalties, because it is focused on profit sharing. Everyone’s best interests are best served through making KWRI a limited franchise ownership opportunity. For example, you can’t buy a KWRI franchise in Austin, San Antonio or Houston. They’re all sold out. The company uses a unique formula to determine its franchise territories based on commissions generated historically over time. “We are looking at the potential income and profits for each area, and using that as a basis for creating office territories.”

KWRI is a limited franchise opportunity that is getting smaller and smaller every month. “This is a concept our industry isn’t used to,” explains Gary Keller. “But it is good business