Hudson Warren uses BOLD principals to drive personal and business success

| July 29, 2019
Hudson Warren

In his book On Hope, H. Jackson Brown, Jr. says, “Hope is a cactus not a cushion. It should make you jump up and do something.”

Hudson Warren is the epitome of using optimism as fuel for his success. As one of the top agents in the Bonita Springs market center and leader of the Hudson Warren Team, he has continually enhanced his positive mindset through one of Keller Williams’ signature courses, BOLD: Business Objective, a Life by Design.   

Starting his real estate business from scratch in Florida in 2014, he joined Keller Williams and immediately took his first seven-week BOLD course. There, he learned powerful mindset exercises, language techniques, KW Technology adoption, and lead generation activities. 

As a result of his training and hard work, Hudson completed 25 transactions during his first year in Florida.

And he’s not alone when it comes to BOLD success. According to KW MAPS Coaching, BOLD graduates in 2018 increased their closed transactions by 50 percent and increased their income by 114 percent.

He has since taken BOLD 15 times, and the results speak for themselves. Two years ago he completed 74 transactions and 111 last year. 

“BOLD is all about training and conditioning, and I learn something new each time,” Hudson said. “You start with establishing the proper mindset because that drives everything you do. Then you focus on action-based learning, which sets BOLD apart from other programs. It’s not just a class. You learn a sales tactic, and you immediately use it and have to show the coach your progress the following week. That combination of classroom and real-world application is what has made me so successful.”

Hudson believes BOLD has become an integral part of his life and recently became a certified BOLD coach. He has been in BOLD during life-changing moments such as marriage and, more recently, adopting three sons under the age of five, and has continued the training. 

“When life happens, agents tend to let their business slip,” Hudson said. “I’ve been able to avoid that because of BOLD. Being in an environment where we’re pushed and driven to be productive has not only helped my business stay steady during those life-altering moments but has helped it grow.” 

If you are still on the fence about making the financial or time investment in enrolling in your first BOLD course, Hudson has some advice:

“I didn’t come from anything special. I didn’t come from money, and I have no college education. I moved to Florida without knowing a soul. BOLD helped me build my life and business. I would not have thrived if it weren’t for the principals I learned and the people I met in that course. Quite simply, it’s a class for anyone who is growth-minded and wants to be successful.”

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