Profiles of Success: Denise Madan & Joel Freis

| October 1, 2018

At Keller Williams, we thrive on helping our clients and our agents fulfill their dreams. Although the journey of becoming a Keller Williams agent is a personal one, there are lessons to be learned from those whose hard work and sense of shared purpose have brought them to the highest levels of success.

We hope these stories inspire and motivate you.

Denise Madan

Joel Freis


Agents: Denise Madan & Joel Freis, Keller Williams Pembroke Pines

DeniseKeller Williams $10+ Million Producer, REALTOR® Institute Graduate, Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist™, Certified Distressed Property Expert®, Certified International Property Specialist, and Certified Residential Specialist. She is also a Short Sale Expert.  

JoelKeller Williams $10+ Million Producer, REALTOR®, Certified Residential Specialist, and is a Short Sale Expert.

What made you choose real estate as your career?

Denise: I took my first real estate course because my husband and I had moved a couple of times in the early years of our marriage. We joked that we had put our real estate agent’s children through college with all of the commissions she made.

I decided to take a real estate course just so I would have the knowledge and could save the commission on our next home sale and purchase.

At that same time, a partner and I had just launched a new children’s lunch box in Walmart, and we were having great success. But by the end of the course, I knew real estate was the field I wanted to work in.

Joel: I always like the idea of owning real estate as an investment vehicle so I obtained my license and started working as a REALTOR®.

Why did you want to join Keller Williams?

Denise: Joel and I joined Keller Williams because of the company’s giving culture.

Plus, the technology surpasses any real estate company in the world, and the training is hands-down the best you can get anywhere. Even when we were with RE/MAX, we would take all the training we could get with KW — which says a lot about Keller Williams opening their doors to agents from other brokerages.

Joel: With technology being the next revolution in business and real estate, it made sense to partner with a company that foresees this. Gary Keller (Keller Williams’ co-founder) is looking to keep the agents at the front of the transaction rather than be a byproduct of the transaction.

What have you liked most about working as part of the Keller Williams team?

Denise: We have only been there a few months, but we already feel welcomed into the family.

Real estate is such a fast-paced business and having answers at your fingertips is important.  It doesn’t matter what our needs are — whether it’s something to do about training or our commission and profit share, or just how to use all the tools that KW offers — we can always get help the same day.  That’s very powerful.

Also, we capped in about 2-1/2 months which means for the next 9-1/2 months we will be at 100 percent commission. We never experienced that at RE/MAX.

Joel: To echo what Denise said, the training and involvement from everyone are great. The masterminding and sharing of ideas to help each of us grow our business is not something I’ve experienced with other companies.

If we asked your clients why they work with you, what would they say?

Denise: We are known for our outstanding customer service and communications. We are always available starting from day one. They trust our judgment and experience. We have many listings and pending sales at any one time but every client is a priority to us, and we make sure they know this.  

Joel: Because we get the job done! We always look to put the client’s interest first. We want to get them the most with the least amount of stress.

Based on your experience, what advice would you give to new agents?

Denise: For newer agents, there are a few steps to having a huge success in this business:

  1. Take all the training your broker or local board gives. Always continue your training.

    In my first year, I took every class that was available to me to gain as much experience and knowledge as I could. Taking the state test doesn’t prepare you for what selling real estate is all about.

    I was surrounded by professionals who had been working as a REALTOR® for years and it can be quite intimidating. One can never have too much knowledge.

  1. Get a mentor or hire a coach. Nothing can further your career more than having someone to go to when you don’t have the answers. Joel and I have a coach, and we are both coaches.

  2. Join a working team. You will learn so much in just one year being on a team. In fact, Joel and I are always looking for great agents — no matter what level of experience they have.

Joel: In addition to Denise’s advice, I strongly encourage newer agents to get involved in community events.

Also, too many agents come into the business expecting leads to fall in their lap and don’t want to invest a penny back into their own success. Even if you have to pay for them, take the courses your company offers.

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