Mega Agent Mastermind 2018 Recap

| October 26, 2018

Top real estate professionals share what they learned from Mega Agent Mastermind 2018.

Kathrin Rein, Keller Williams


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Kathrin Rein
Keller Williams Coral Gables-Coconut Grove

Mike Brodie, Keller Williams “What a great gathering of inspired talent, on stage, the audience, and behind the scenes… a don’t miss!”

Mike Brodie
Mike Brodie Luxury Homes

Nicole Gary, Keller Williams

“I was so honored and humbled to be part of such an intelligent group of the best Keller Williams’ agents. I was enlightened to hear so many Mega Agents share their models, their mistakes, what they have done to overcome weaknesses and grow themselves and their teams to reach higher levels of success. It truly makes me feel human at the end of the day, knowing that I am not the only one that falls forward and constantly changes models to make myself and my team grow and reach higher levels. It is a constant challenge, and positive mindset and surrounding yourself with the best truly go a long way.

“Thank you again for having me! I cannot even tell you how many agents have reached out to me after the panel and came to me with questions, asked for mentorship, and truly wanted to know and understand how I have succeeded myself in such a short period of time. I always get the most out of listening to others on my panel and am enlightened to learn from the best. Sharing my own experiences is truly humbling when I receive the feedback that I have from last week’s mastermind. I now have three agents I met in South Florida, who I will be coaching on a monthly basis to help grow their businesses and get to the next level, (all on a volunteer basis). ”

Nicole Gary
Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
CEO, The Nicole Gary Team at KWNYC
Residential, Commercial & Investment Sales

Jeff Borham, Keller Williams “I was honored to speak at and learn at the South Florida Mastermind. We are already implementing several things we learned such as the Silver Program. What we learned will change our business!”

Jeff Borham
Jeff Borham & Associates at Keller Williams Realty

Kim Spears, Keller Williams “The Mega Agent Mastermind was one of the most worthwhile events for agents of all levels. One small piece of advice can elevate your business.”

Kim Spears
The Kim Spears Group

John O'Flaherty, Keller Williams “The opportunity to listen and mastermind with some of the very best agents and teams in the country is unbelievable and every year I get tangible ideas to grow my business.”

John O’Flaherty
The O’Flaherty Team

Marissa Ferrari, Keller Williams “One of my mentors always says, you grow into the conversations that you surround yourself with. That’s what these Masterminds are all about, surrounding yourself with those you aspire to be like and then inspire those around you with that knowledge. Put the knowledge into action to make your life and business the best it can possibly be!”

Marissa (Ferrari) DiMare
DiMare Real Estate

Dale Suslick, KW “The Mega Agent Mastermind was a life-changing event for me and my team. The world-class coaches helped us to explore our businesses, and our lives, from the bottom up. We learned more in one day than we would have been able to learn in six months on our own.”

Dale Suslick
Keller Williams Marco Island


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