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In February, Gary W. Keller, Keller Williams co-founder, announced the launch of “Kelle,” a new virtual assistant that blends data with Artificial Intelligence to provide a collaborative platform for Keller Williams agents across the nation.

Available as a free app on both Apple and Android, Kelle helps agents build daily habits to run their business in three ways:

  1. Referrals – Receive/track referrals and build a referral network
  2. KWConnect – Find content and connect with agents.
  3. CGI – Track and update each agent’s CGI Goals.

In its current version, Kelle will only respond to agents via text. Future versions are expected to include email and voice capabilities, as well as provide client history, details, and preferences.


“Kelle is the result of a remarkable $51 million investment by Keller Williams in technology to help our agents in the field…”

As an agent’s virtual assistant, Kelle is able to answer different types of questions and perform simple tasks. For example, agents can ask Kelle to write an appointment in their calendar, add a new customer in the CRM, or ask questions such as which network sells the most in a given geographical area.

Kelle also incorporates a new collaboration platform between agents. This allows the sharing of mandates among network professionals. Users can send and receive requests from other agents, and also access information about their colleagues and monitor transactions.

“Kelle is the result of a remarkable $51 million investment by Keller Williams in technology to help our agents in the field,” said Mark Olesh, regional director for the South Florida Region. “To date, Kelle has helped agents create 1,000 referrals in our region alone.”


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a rapidly developing field where machines are able to learn from experience and their environment to perform human-like tasks. While others, like Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa , have focused on creating digital assistants for a broad consumer market, Keller Williams is the first to harness its power specifically for the real estate industry.

By developing its own AI with the help of more than 300 internal technology specialists, Keller helps protect agents by keeping their data close to home. Using an outside company’s AI could put agents’ data at risk.

“AI is the next frontier,” said Josh Team, Keller Williams’ chief innovation officer. “It’s becoming more mainstream, and it allows us to give more value to our agents and clients in a way that technology hasn’t been able to do before. Kelle will give our agents back valuable time.”

“If you sat Siri and Alexa down for the day and trained them on The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, that’s Kelle,” added Team.

Kelle will learn and be able to help more as more agents use the app and provide more information that can be stored for future use. For example, if an agent hasn’t contacted a new lead within a set time, Kelle can send a notification to that agent prompting a follow-up as well as offer a suggestion on exactly how to best connect.

With Kelle able to help with many of these everyday tasks, agents can focus on more high-level work, such as growing their business, or on spending more time with their family and friends.

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