Gary Keller Wants Technology To Help Agents, Not Replace Them

| July 26, 2018


We are rapidly moving into what Gary Keller calls the “fourth industrial revolution” where the fusion of  Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data can enhance, or disrupt every industry…including real estate.

The Keller Williams co-founder recently took to the stage at Inman Connect San Francisco to talk about his company’s strong commitment to developing cutting-edge technology to help agents. Keller’s mission has always been and will continue to be, protecting the real estate agent as a professional and partner.

According to Brad Inman, the industry is in a period of change as technology and data ownership move to the center stage. “To better figure out the future, more leaders like Gary Keller must put themselves out there, it is bold and necessary. Too many CEOs hide out and are gutless when it comes to expressing controversial opinions,” said Inman in a July 26 op-ed (subscription required to read the full article).

While technology is imperative to the future of the industry, it does not replace the vital role of agents. Keller posits that agents have two choices: “You can either be an agent who is enabled by tech or you’re going to be the agent who is enabling tech. This is a battle over who will be the fiduciary.”

The tech-enabled agent remains the fiduciary of the consumer experience while technology plays a functionary role. The tech-enabled agent also has control over their data where the agent-enabled tech does not.

To ensure agents thrive in this new era,  Keller Williams has made several large investments in technology, from developing Kelle to the construction of the company’s innovation engine. 

The innovation engine is a cloud service with artificial intelligence. Launched in 2017, the Keller Cloud is a platform that hosts several interconnected applications, making business easier for KW agents. It is coupled with Kelle, the award-winning AI-powered personal assistant. Unlike any other company in the space, all of the data within the cloud is exclusively owned by Keller Williams and its agents.


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