The Rhonda Gustitus Team – TURNING UP THE VOLUME!

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The Rhonda Gustitus Team, Keller Williams Punta Gorda

The Rhonda Gustitus Team did $21,508,000 in production in 2015. MORE THAN TRIPLE their business in 2013!

How did you do it?

“I think all in all, most of my success is due to the fact that Gary Keller and Keller Williams have embraced the team concept,  showed me the way and gave me all the tools & support to be the best I can possibly be.”

How much would you like to grow your business in 2015?

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More of what Rhonda had to say about KW:

My Success Story!

Rhonda Gustitus
Rhonda Gustitus Team

Deciding to switch my team to Keller Williams Peace River Partners was a difficult decision for me to make because it not only would affect me, but my team and my dear customers as well.  I am a loyal individual who doesn’t jump ship very often.  I always take my team member’s thoughts & feelings into consideration before I make any important decisions. I want to thank Ginger Blomberg, Lynn Doty & Jim Quinn for giving me the courage to see a better opportunity with Keller Williams. We were given the books   “the One thing” & “Millionaire Real Estate agent” this quickly stressed the importance to prospect each day and also what to do as you grow from your positive actions! I knew then this was the right place for my team and I. We have a lot of fun at our office!  Being a technology based company is awesome! We are always learning a new or better way to serve our customers, keep in communication with them & really sharpen our tools to be the best we can be!

My husband and I both took Recruit select to make sure we understood what type of person would be best suited in each position on our team and learn to identify talent when you see it. This helped my husband and I recruit our daughter Alisha from her sales/management position in Orlando!  In our mind, Keller Williams is years ahead than most traditional real estate companies.  Imagine offering Team training!  Something I have been searching for since I formed my team many years ago.  Most offices don’t support teams. To find a company that embraces it is like a dream come true!  Absolutely love Gary Keller and his staff.  When I attended my first family reunion just 2 years ago and then on to Mega camp, the light switch went on! I have never been so excited to have an opportunity to grow my team in so many ways and have the education & Support to get there right at my fingertips! Each class better than the next.  We literally ran down the hall to each class not to miss a minute of what each class had to offer!  I had been to many training sessions over the years prior to coming to keller Williams,  none have inspired me as much as the “Bold” class I attended in Bonita Springs with James Shaw!  He was by far one of the BEST trainers I have ever met. “Thank you James!”  I connected with him completely and realized that what I want is right there in front of me and how to go and get it! He really got right down to the root of things and pulled that “drunk monkey” right out of you whether you want to or not!  I actually purchased a cute little monkey with a purple tipped tail and purple eyes, after taking the class.  My team will  toss our monkey to  a fellow team member if we hear one of them say the words “I cant do that”,  “It wont happen”, “there is no way”, “it wont work”,” they wont buy”,” he wont sell”,” it wont appraise”, etc….   This quickly changed our mindset!  James made us all very aware of how having a positive attitude plays a big part in our daily success on our team.

Tools I like best… the reminder button in E-edge, really helps me to not to let anything slip between the cracks! I have listed many more homes by setting my reminders, placing my customers into groups, following up, setting campaigns and staying focused to prospect each day relentlessly.   Also LOVE LOVE LOVE dotloop! What did I ever do before dotloop !  Quick time saving system. I am currently using the Maps coaching planner for 2016. Lots of good stuff inside!  I bought one for everyone on our team.

The profit sharing system gets me excited as well.  Ill be honest, it was not the main reason we chose Keller Williams, but I will say that now that I am aware of the great benefits it has to offer, we are actively keeping our eyes and ears out for people like myself who need a change I think all in all, most of my success is due to the fact that Gary Keller and Keller Williams have embraced the team concept,  showed me the way and gave me all the tools & support to be the best I can possibly be. (Not to mention I have an amazing team, admin staff and incredible husband on my team!)

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