The Best Kept Secret in South Florida

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She’s nearly tripled her business in the last year, and yet Ruth Bessmer, the FIRST Keller Williams Realty Agent in Florida,  was in Austin, Texas to learn more this past week at Mega Agent Camp.

Not surprising.  Those in her Palm Harbor Market Center have known Ruth as a “learner” for a long time.  She’s been a teacher to many over the years too.   Like the time she took a young agent under her wing to show him how to farm a neighborhood of homes.   Ruth had mastered farming.   The strategies about Neighborhood BBQ’s, prize giveaways, decorating contests, floor plans and newsletters made a difference and the agent quickly became a capper with Ruth’s advice.

She shared the advice at a Mega Camp back then too!

“I remember,” she said in Austin last week, “when there were 300 people at one of the first Mega Camps years ago.   I got pulled out of the audience to go up on stage and talk about farming!  Now to see there are this many people, (13,000+) Wow!”

And Ruth, has not let up.   Even sold a client’s house while in Austin.

“The man bought it from me 37 years ago,” she said.  “They were still living in it.   When he called he told me, ‘You’ll always be my agent.  And you’re my friend too.’”

Ruth got back to Florida and the very next day, promptly listed AND sold another house.   On the same day!  Yes, she brought the buyer too.   This week, she has two more appointments lined up!

What’s her secret after 40 plus years in real estate?  Her Real Secret?  Maybe it’s in this poem by H.N. Fifer.

           “What was his creed?

I do not know his creed, I only know

That here below, he walked the common road

And lifted many a load, lightened the task,

Brightened the day for others toiling on a weary way:

This, his only need; I do not know his creed.


His creed?  I care not what his creed,

Enough that never yielded he to greed,

But served a brother in his daily need;

Plucked many a thorn and planted many a flower;

Glorified the service of each hour;

Had faith in God, himself, and fellow-men;–

Perchance he never thought in terms of creed,

I only know he lived a life, in deed! 

Pretty Cool huh?    Ruth sent me the poem.   And….She’s lived it.   How do I know?   That new agent she helped 11 years ago.  The one she took under her wing?  He’s still in Real Estate.   Finishing his sixth year as Regional Director for Keller Williams Realty in South Florida.

– Mark

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Mark Olesh, Regional Director - In the last 5 years, Mark has led the South Florida Region to Top 5 finishes in growing his team 3 times (including #3 in 2009, #2 in 2012, and #4 in 2013). In that same time span as Regional Director, total agent commissions have increased by $84 million. The Region has 28 market centers and over 5,000 agents. Mark began as a capping agent in Palm Harbor, became an ALC member and was then recruited into the Team Leader opportunity. There, under his leadership, the office grew from 95 to 210 agents and had sales of over $220 Million. Mark also enjoyed coaching many of the top agents in the market center as well. Mark is passionate about the Keller Williams opportunity and using it to help you build wealth in multiple areas. Contact Mark today for a confidential career consultation. 727-772-5600 x23

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