Profit Share – It’s not just about the money!

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The Keller Williams South Florida Region alone shared over 1.2 MILLION DOLLARS with its associates in 2011.  But you don’t have to choose to participate and get a check to receive the benefits of Profit Share.  You see, because someone in the Market Center is going to profit share, the kind of environment that’s developed is dramatically different.   And it ultimately benefits everyone.

The Business model creates an office that feels like a T-E-A-M.   Imagine a place where top agents don’t hesitate to jump in and help others if needed.   It’s an environment where everyone is treated like family.   That’s because it’s a true partnership.  It’s impossible for a market center owner to make money without associates having the chance to share in the profit.

So if you want to share, jump into the profit share program and you can make passive income.  You’ll get checks.   If you don’t want passive income and you want to learn how to earn more, that’s great too.  Either way you win!

Come join the family for a few days—-at the Family Reunion, beginning Feb. 11th in Orlando.   Call today 727-772-5600 x23.

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Mark Olesh, Regional Director - In the last 5 years, Mark has led the South Florida Region to Top 5 finishes in growing his team 3 times (including #3 in 2009, #2 in 2012, and #4 in 2013). In that same time span as Regional Director, total agent commissions have increased by $84 million. The Region has 28 market centers and over 5,000 agents. Mark began as a capping agent in Palm Harbor, became an ALC member and was then recruited into the Team Leader opportunity. There, under his leadership, the office grew from 95 to 210 agents and had sales of over $220 Million. Mark also enjoyed coaching many of the top agents in the market center as well. Mark is passionate about the Keller Williams opportunity and using it to help you build wealth in multiple areas. Contact Mark today for a confidential career consultation. 727-772-5600 x23

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