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I was in Orlando Florida last month, with almost 10,000 realtors from Keller Williams Realty.

The Annual Awards ceremony was wrapping up and there was great excitement because this year there was a BIG Giveaway. A new Ford Edge! The contest was trumpeted for months. Everyone was talking about it.

Before Any Great Success, People Usually Visualize It

When the announcement came, a roar went up from the right side of the room and bouncing out of the mass of humanity was a woman named Maria Pumilia. She had a fabulous black dress, her hand over her mouth. She was crying as much as laughing. Her excitement overwhelmed the room. Maria quickly flashed her cell phone to the person who’d announced her name. WOW!, I thought. I know this is your dream of a winner for a contest. Here’s what I didn’t know:

Maria flashed her cellphone because there was a picture of the New Ford Edge—with the words, “MY CAR” She said she’d prayed EVERY day for the car—because she needed it. Groups of agents had come into the market center each day saying how this was going to be Maria’s car. She submitted 573 postcard entries. She bought a brand new dress just for the awards, so she’d be well-dressed at the awards—and here’s the clincher. She had bought and paid for a ticket from Albuquerque to Orlando—for his sister—who flew in the next morning—-to drive the Ford Edge back home with Maria.


What success do you want to have this year? Can you see it? Remember, what you focus on Expands!

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