No Is Not An Option

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 Have you ever been told NO? It Can’t happen?

  • What did you do?
  • Did you accept it?
  • Did you question it?
  • Did you ask yourself “How can I make it a yes?”

I hope you chose the last question on how to make it a yes. Now not every time it can be made a yes, but how do you know if you never ask?

Lessons learned

Recently we had a seller who was “upside down” on the sale of her home. She was prepared to come to closing with $15,000 – then it was discovered she may need as much as $19,000!

You can imagine her stress arriving with $15,000 and then finding out she needs $4,000 more – just to SELL her home! She had no more money and contacted her mortgage holder to ask for a short sale – no success. This deal had to close because she was simply unable to continue making mortgage payments.

Is this deal DEAD? Will the seller lose her home to foreclosure?  Not so fast! She did have an escrow account balance for taxes and insurance of almost $4000. BEHOLD there was more money!!!

But wait – the lender sent a payoff statement stating they would NOT apply the escrow funds to pay down the mortgage balance. They would only return it to the seller in 4 to 6 weeks after the closing. This was not going to work. Were we just told NO, or were we?

We, as the real estate consultants, needed to kick into action.

Top leaders and decision makers in the mortgage company were tracked down. The benefits of allowing the escrow balance to be applied towards the payoff the closing were explained to the mortgage company. A short sale or future foreclosure would be avoided. The leadership listened and agreed, immediately contacting the proper personelle to get the deal closed.

All of this was handled in less than 24 hours and the closing took place on time. All it took was the willingness to ask – “ How can we get this done?”

The next time you have a deal that looks like it may not close- STOP – and ask yourself the same question.  It’s up to you to turn the word NO into the NOW!

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