A Tax Credit Revelation

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As a real estate agent, nobody has their ear to the… well, the real estate as much as you do. The recent tax credit extension by President Obama has likely added to your regular reading, but that’s o.k. – this huge opportunity is worth the extra effort. With $8,000 dangling over First Time Home Buyers, the phones will ring! Sales will rise!  Better shore up that front door, buyers are going to knock it down demanding you find them a home.

Show Them The Money

If you find your front door still securely on its hinges and your cell phone frozen in its holster, then there may be something missing from your good-times scenario. Chances are, potential buyers are unaware that they even qualify for Washington’s financial bonus. “It doesn’t affect me, I don’t earn enough to need a credit!” This mentality is connected to a pervasive confusion about tax laws, income qualifications and cash-in-hand aspect of the Tax Credit stimulus. You need to make your buyers aware. It’s time to put on one of your favorite hats – not the Stetson or sombrero – put your marketing hat on! You must market this latest government produced product. That home won’t sell itself and neither will this Tax Credit.

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Your job is to make it clear how someone qualifying for the tax credit could get an $8,000 check from Uncle Sam. Get the word out. Stand on a box, a ladder, your iPhone, and cry: CREDIT = CASH. Not just for first time home buyers, current home owners have received and invitation to the party too! How much could a $6,500 deduction or government check motivate a hesitant homeowner into relocating? Not to mention (YES, Mention it!) that they will also benefit when selling their home. Suddenly there’s more tax credit hungry buyers like them shopping for homes! Mobilize your buyers into action, make the market active. Spurred sales will eat up inventory. Sellers may finally have found the opportunity they have been waiting for.

Help yourself by helping others understand how they can benefit from the Tax Credit Extension. Then don your sombrero and celebrate!

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