Show me the way to Key West

| September 6, 2013 | 6 Comments

Havana to Key West


Were you as blown away as I was by the recent accomplishment of Diana Nyad?

Her 110 mile swim from Cuba to Florida is remarkable in itself.  It took 53 hours in shark-infested waters, without the protection of a cage.  Nyad is the first person to ever accomplish that.

And to think sometimes we are stuck trying to muster up the courage to cold call a For Sale By Owner.   Really?  Or to knock on someone’s door.  Seems silly by comparison doesn’t it?

Nyad is 64 and has spent the last 35 years chasing this dream.  She was going to find a way.

And yet my favorite part of the story might be the way it ended.  Nyad specifically wanted cameras on the shores of Key West to greet her, so they would catch the first words out of her mouth.  “Never Give Up.”

What if you greeted every morning, every FSBO call list, every database list, and every neighborhood of doors, with a question?  Isn’t this a lot easier than swimming with sharks?

Find a way.  Never give up. What could you accomplish with a mindset like that?

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  1. Maya Thomas says:

    Incredible! Inspiring!

  2. Kevin Jarrett says:

    Nice site.

  3. Alan says:

    Nicely Done and GREAT analogy!

  4. Lia Alvarez says:

    One’s greatest opportunity or moment can be the very next moment after having given up…..I want to live my greatest moment… I’m never giving up!
    Nyad is an inspiration….

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