Stop the E-mail I want to get off!

| May 24, 2010 | 6 Comments

Isn’t e-mail great?  Well, I think the answer is yes and no. It can be great sometimes when it helps us to communicate faster across thousands of miles. Technology helps us to buy things, sell things and trade things. We can even sign contracts via E-signature!

While all of this is great, technology (especially e-mail) may not always be your friend. We must remember that what we send in an e-mail is a document forever. It may seem like what you send is relatively harmless; however, EVERYTHING you send could prove to have consequences.

Many times we think we are doing such a great job of communicating by “CCing” everyone in all of our communications concerning a contract, offer, or issue with a contract. Unfortunately, what happens is e-mail is always read in the mindset of the reader.  Is the reader looking for fault, or someone to blame on an issue? Are they upset or angry?  Was the writer merely asking a question or complaining about an issue?

REMEMBER everything you write is now evidence, should there be legal action! While you may think your e-mail was harmless, an attorney may turn you into a horrible person for what you wrote. They may prove you were not doing your job or misrepresenting your client by their interpretation of your e-mails.

We must all STOP and THINK before we go typing away. The words you chose to use can and will have consequences. When there is an issue, I STRONGLY recommend you pick up the phone and have a good old fashion discussion. You may be amazed how much faster we can resolve things by just talking them through.

The way I look at it is that e-mail is a tool we can use as long as it is used in the right way. Like any other tool, it has its purpose. Resolving issues is not the purpose of e-mail, airing of dirty laundry is not the purpose of e-mail nor is questioning error the place for e-mail.

Let’s not all fall into this new techno savvy world and forget how to speak to each other.

We will all grow more as people when we truly communicate with others using what God gave us one mouth and 2 ears!

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Nikki along with her husband Gary, became licensed in 1986 and over the years built a mega sales team that has served over 3700 families with a volume of 560 million dollars in sales. They both hold the CRS designation. Nikki is also the broker/owner of 3 Keller Williams Realty offices, 2 Title companies and the operating partner for the South Florida region for Keller Williams Realty. Nikki has spoken and trained for FAR, CRS, Howard Brinton Star Power, Numerous real estate boards, Aetna insurance, The Rotary, Tampa Bay Builders association, and the YMCA to mention a few. She is a master trainer for Keller Williams University and has helped to write many courses for real estate professionals. Being a firm believer in education she is continually sharpening her skills through education and walks the walk by sharing her knowledge and experience.

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  1. Jackie says:

    Great info.

  2. mario polo says:

    I strongly agree, in many cases we defer to email because its easier
    but the out come may not be as positive as we would like. When we present our thoughts verbally we have the opportunity to correct
    or explaine any missunderstandings.

  3. I totally agree! I love email and it is a time saver most of the time. However, there is nothing like an open, honest conversation and the sound of a human voice to communicate effectively – especially when trying to resolve issues.

  4. Dick Nielsen says:

    Amen, even an innocently misplaced punctuation mark, an omitted or misused word or a really clever remark could come back to bite!

    Were that to be the case innocence would be no excuse!

  5. Gerald Pappa says:

    I agree with Nikki, while email and/or texting can be an extremely affective way of communicating, it can also become our worst enemy, creating misunderstandings, etc….when we don’t think before we type. A classic example of this, is when two individuals within the same office are emailing each other, instead of walking down to that person’s office, or picking up the telephone to conduct a more personal communication exchange.

  6. Absolutely Agree! Even though sometimes it can be a CYA it can also be a bad thing. As my former boss at Chase told me – use a 24 hour rule if you need to respond to an angry email. Calm down, think then respond after cooling off. 🙂

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